RTI unification and pooling initiative


NEW: Available presentations from the last meeting

1. Container Centralen, Making Your Products Move… presentation by Tomasz Kucharski

2. Returnable transport packaging (RTP), Baltic Standard, Rita Rozentale

3. No 1 RPC standardization project in Europe, Bepco

31.10.2016 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM Join the RTI meeting at IKI DC conference hall, Panevezys, Lietuva

Invited grocery retailers and dairy suppliers for ECR standard/recommendations implementation for unification and pooling of dairy crates in Lithuania and Baltics.
- Status updates (supporting retailers/suppliers, solution providers, available business models), necessary steps for further dissemination;
- Standard crates in suppliers ownership v pooling
- Investigating any support available for returnable packaging, please inform us if you know any available support: packaging tax reductions, EU

Poll for the meeting here:

More information, Edgars Pentjuss +371 26546645 

Attn. all meeting participants: 
ECR Baltic Competition Law Compliance and Reminder of anti-trust caution:
 ECR Baltic provides a forum for discussion, learning and opportunities for improvement and the development and sharing the best practice. Membership and participation on ECR Baltic events is open to all players in the industry on the basis of non-discriminatory, transparent and objective criteria. ECR Baltic policy is not to enter into any discussion, activity or conduct that may infringe, on its part or on the part of its members and participants, any applicable competition laws. By way of example, members and participants shall not discuss, communicate or exchange any commercially sensitive information, including non-public information relating to prices, marketing and advertisement strategy, costs and revenues, trading terms and conditions and conditions with third parties, including purchasing strategy, terms of supply, trade programs or distribution strategy. This applies not only to discussion in formal meetings but also to informal discussions before, during or after meetings.

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Use of RTI use in Dairy categories survey:

Take RTI survey!

Offline RTI_survey_2014_Baltics.pdf

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In response to alternate offer ECR_Baltic_RTI_alternate_offer_inquiry_v2.pdf inquiry received offers from:

In rent and/or pool busines model (2): Bepco OU and Nores Plastic OU

For sale (3+1): Schoeller Alibert SIA, Hoda UAB, Plastma UAB, Plasteksus UAB (awaiting)

One pooler confirmed that cannot supply due to technical specifications.

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List of RTI developers and poolers: RTI_developers.pdf to update information with your company details, please send information to ECR Baltic!

27.05.2014 RTI (Dairy Crates) unification and pooling initiative in Vilnius, Lithuania:


13:00 Registration and competition law compliance and antitrust caution

13:15 Introduction and summary of the last meetings of ECR Baltic RTI unification and Lithuania subgroup by Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic (*.pdf presentation)

13:45 Topics related to RTI unification and ECR Baltic recommendations:

- Feedback from other food retailers with substantial market share towards standardization;
- Still open question on crates for small orders (half size standard crates, currently not represented in general recommendations);
- Standard owned and rented crates (how to separate? Colour / RFID);
- Crates shrink, who are responsible in rented and owned SC business model?
- ECR Baltic recommendation on RFID tagging of standard crates?

14:30 – 14:50 Coffee break

14:50 – 15:10 Container Centralen presentation on pooling of standard and collapsible crates by Tomasz Kucharski (*.pdf presentation)

15:20 – 15:50 Why there is a need to look for a alternatives to the specified standard crates:
- Compliance with competition law requirements;
- The supplier‘s packaging features a repeated analysis by Violeta Brauklytė, Pieno Žvaigždes

15:50 – 16:30 Alternative proposal presentation:
- Construction;
- Transportation options;
- Cost of the project;
- Terms of the project.

16:30 – 17:00 Discussion and closure

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Competition and anti-trust compliance check of RTI recommendations assessment

Recently ECR Baltic have made additional compliance check of RTI recommendations (the full report available to ECR Baltic members under request: with the following principles:

* Participation in standard-setting is unrestricted

* The procedure for adopting the standard in question is transparent

* There is no obligation to comply with the standard

* Access to the standard is on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms

With the final conclusion from independent legal advisor: it could be suggested that the Recommendations have been elaborate in compliance with competition law principles and therefore there is no doubt that they can provide effective contribution to the market integrity giving economic efficiencies to all stakeholders.

Free version of RTIs matching initial recommendations:

Upon members request ECR Baltic have developed detailed RTI solution (draft drawings) matching initial recommendations with the aim to provide exact dimensions to be freely used by any party in developing nestable RTI solutions. Download drawings in PDF for

400x300 foot print (Dairy)

ECR1-400-300-118.pdf | ECR1-400-300-118stacknest.pdf

ECR2-400-300-170.pdf | ECR2-400-300-170stacknest.pdf

ECR3-400-300-290.pdf | ECR3-400-300-290stacknest.pdf

600x400 foot print (Other categories)

ECR4-600-400-180.pdf | ECR4-600-400-180stacknest.pdf

ECR5-600-400-240.pdf | ECR5-600-400-240stacknest.pdf

Other variations of nestable RTI:

ECR6-400-150-118.pdf | ECR6-400-150-118stacknest.pdf

ECR7-400-150-180.pdf | ECR7-400-150-180.pdf

Alternate place to browse the drawings:


Additional features:

Maximum nominal top load dynamic, kg
400x300x118mm 100kg
400x300x170mm 110kg
400x300x290mm 108kg


Crate RAL 7040 (light grey)
Bar for 400x300x118mm crate RAL 7043 (dark grey)
Bar for 400x300x170mm crate RAL 1018 (yellow)
Bar for 400x300x290mm crate RAL 5015 (blue)


ECR Baltic RTI (Reusable-Returnable Transport Items) unification and pooling initiative (Baltic and Lithuanian subgorup)

Brief and key competences: Reusable Transport Items (RTI), crates, pallets and roll cages, represent the "Nuts and Bolts" of the FMCG Supply Chain. Different incompatible management systems for RTI (we have recognized more than 120 crate types in Baltics) have led to market fragmentation and supply chain inefficiencies - standardized methods are needed to organize their distribution and return.
•Moving to the standard crates in meat & dairy flows in all Baltic market. Other flows possible.
•Specification and range of crates developed and agreed between suppliers and retailers.
•Generic crate specification (sizes), not owned by any solution provider

•Survey on primary packaging fit in recommended (eliminated 3 types of crates for dairy plus 2 types for other produce). Recent feedback from Lithuanian working group shows: 2 more  dairy crates needed.
•Set recommendations for the Baltic market supported by major retailers.

Key milestones and future challenges:
• Dissemination and offers of standardized RTIs systems with pooling (renting) option.
• (More than 7 systems besides Suppliers crates examined).
•Leaders, participants: Maxima Grupe, Palink, Rimi Baltic, Prisma, PZ, Rokiskio, Zemaitijos, Tere, Valio
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Invitation to join ECR Baltic Returnable Transport Items (Packaging) unification working group for dairy categories in Lithuania.

RTI Baltic Standard Proposal

Following ECR Baltic initiative for driving unification of returnable transport items (dairy crates) since 2008 and recently issued RTI standardization recommendations for Baltics.  ECR Baltic is calling the national working group for representatives of dairy industries and food retail to examine in detail if the proposed recommendations can be implemented in Lithuania?

Participation: ECR Baltic members, dairy manufacturers/suppliers and food retailers.
To join the working group, please fill in the contact form below or here!

ECR BALTIC RECOMMENDATIONS for PALLETS and RTI (Returnable-Reusable Transport Items) for dairy, meat, bakery, fresh fruits and vegetables.

In general it is recommended to limit the number of crate types from more than 100 different types currently circulating in Baltics to 5-6. The crates must be compatible so that they can be piled up. The formats shall be limited to 60 x 40 cm and 30 x 40 cm as per recommendations below (height tolerance +/- 3 cm):

(download PDF document)

Pallets and RTI recommendations

Proposals and presentations of RTI solution providers in Baltics:


Reusable Transport Items (RTI), crates, pallets and roll cages, represent the "Nuts and Bolts" of the European Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Supply Chain. At the end of the previous millennium an increasing variety of equipment, managed in a variety of different ways, was used to handle an expanding catalogue of products, all with the aim of reducing supply chain costs for individual elements within the total supply chain. But different incompatible management systems for RTI have led to market fragmentation and supply chain inefficiencies - standardized methods are needed to organize their distribution and return.

2. Recommendations For The Compatible Stacking Of Crates: 17_pub_2001_rti_compatible_stacking_of_crates1.pdf
by International Council For Reusable Transport Items (IC-RTI)

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11.04.2012 ECR Baltic RTI initiative meeting summary

Agenda | Registered participants | Opening presentation by ECR Baltic | Latvian Dairy Manufacturers Union Presentation )

The RTI (Reusable-Returnable Transport Items) size recommendations were modified allowing height variation by 3 cm. The recommendations to be used as a guidelines when choosing/offering RTI solution in Baltics by individual companies and community as such.

Note: ECR Baltic recommendations and standards are voluntary and non-obligatory.

prenetationsfor download available at


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RTI Baltic Standard proposal (Dimensions of 3 crates set for Dairy produce)

Since 2007 Manufacturers and Retailers have been trying to come to agreement on unification and pooling of returnable transport items within ECR Baltic (Efficient Consumer Response Initiative in the Baltic States) framework. The current economic situation simply forces us to maintain and develop our supply chain in a sustainable and cost effective way.

Thus according to September – December 2011 RTI (Returnable Transport Items) Initiative meetings in Riga and Vilnius with participation of major retailers (Maxima, Rimi, Palink and Prisma) and dairy/meat manufacturers (Valio, Rakvere, Valmieras Piens, Rīgas piena kombināts, Rīgas piensaimnieks, Pieno Zvaigzdes, Zemaitijos Pienas) it was decided to start unification with dairy produce categories by implementing 3 crates set for standardization of dairy produce followed by crates set for meat, bakery, fruits and vegetables. As a second step towards unification is to agree on dimensions of proposed “Baltic Standard for Returnable Transport Items” followed by examining business models and tendering potential solution providers for specific crates solutions, pool and RTI management services.

IMPORTANT: If you are dairy / near dairy manufacturer/supplier, please carefully examine the attached letter with table of proposed dimensions of the “Baltic Standard for Returnable Transport Items” (Dairy produce 3 crates set). On behalf of ECR Baltic RTI unification initiative members we would like to ask you to give us a written answer if proposed standard covers your product range

by 1st of February?

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