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To agree on collaborative ECR Best Practice process models in Supply Chain Management for retailers, suppliers and logistics service providers.


Published VMI Guidebook


Austria, Baltics, Croatia, Czech/Slovak, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.


Sample VMI amendment to general supply contract for revision VMI_Sample_Contract.pdf with explenation chapter from manual, here!

Sample VMI ROI/Savings calculator, separate for vendors/suppliers and buyers/retailers for revision with explanation chapter from the manual, here!

Latest draft for editing

* * *  

The VMI Guidebook is coming to fruition.  Feedback has been received for the latest draft and the team at Tallin University are busy collating feedback and amending the guidebook along with GS1 Switzerland who is leading the project.  

We were pleased to get the following comment from one industry expert:

"Wow, the updated document was like completely new - great stuff.  We agree with all the changes, side notes... looking forward to the final version. Will be happy to use it with my team and our customers."

Hele Hammer and Sven Uustalu of Tallin University recently gave a presentation to ECR Baltics annual forum about the VMI Guidebook.  Below is the  link to the presentation.  

Tallinn University VMI Guidebook Presentation to ECR Baltics Annual Forum November 2014

Next Steps:
•    Complete and publish Guidebook NEW: (Latest draft for editing)
•    Develop next phase of project: ensuring the Guidebook is known about, used and understood.

More information Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic +37126546645



Dear ECR Community member,

ECR Baltic together with ECR Switzerland and Tallinn University of Technology is leading the European collaborative supply chain guide project whereas the basis of the research is the "VMI Manual for practitioners" by ECR/GS1 Switzerland.

Please help ECR Baltic get consolidated feedback from FMCG and Retail companies in Baltics, answering two questionnaires below. The research is carried out by Tallinn University of Technology VMI research team lead by Hele Hammer, PhD.

Survey on Success Factors in VMI implementation

Survey on Cost-Benefit Analysis of a VMI project

The surveys are easy to fill with multiple answers and will each take approximately 10 minutes to fill (to fill the survey you need good command of the subject as a SC Director, CIO, CFO or CEO representing your company opinion).

The deadline for filling the survey is 20 April, 2014. To show appreciation for participants to devote their time, an Amazon Kindle e-reader will be drawn between all respondents.

Also, all interested respondents will get the results of the survey and the new updated manual.

The ultimate goal of the survey is to get valuable input into the new ECR pan-European Handbook for VMI projects.

Thank you for your time and effort and good luck in prize draw!

Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic on behalf of project team

Helena-Paula Aava, MSc Student

Sven Uustalu, MSc Student

Hele Hammer, PhD, supervisor

Tallinn University of Technology


Supported by

ECR Europe (National Initiatives)  GS1 in Europe