What is FMCG?


It used to be called the grocery industry, now it’s just called FMCG. FMCG is an ugly acronym for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, which translated into English means 'things you buy on a regular basis at places like your local supermarket.' Things like butter, potato chips, toothpaste, and razors.

Other abreviations close or part of FMCG:
CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)
CP&R (Consumer Products and Retail)  

Useful links for FMCG and Retail Industry ECR Europe communication platform with presentations, publications, guidelines, bluebooks, whitepapers and best practices from all Europe (please register for more content, its free). ECR Baltic webpage, here you can find number of presentations and publications from ECR Baltic Forums, trainings  and seminars. the Global network serving shopper and consumer needs, number of studies and links to dedicated projects. the Capability Assessment Tool to give a detailed understanding of your ECR capability and to highlight specific improvement opportunities for your company. Standards organization for CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) Industries for product and parties identification standards, EDI (eCom) message standards, Global Product Classification standards and GDSN (Data Synchronization). GS1 in Baltics: , , the food and grocery experts, represents ECR initiative in UK European Brands Association EuroCommerce represents the retail, wholesale and international trade sectors in Europe

Other links to ECR Community related organizations!

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