BLOCK 1: Economic Outlook by Experts

The Latvian Economy Post-2009: L-, U-, or V- typed Development?

Morten Hansen (Stockholm School of Economics in Riga; NMS Consulting)

Estonian Economy: Recent Trends and Their Impact on Consumption

Maris Lauri (Swedbank)

Driving Economic Recovery: A Global, European and Lithuanian Perspective

Rasa Zemaityte (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania) 

How to Behave Towards the Competition: Price Negotiations & Trade Terms

Pekka Puolakka (Sorainen Law Offices)


BLOCK 2: Changing Consumer

 Consumers' Reasons for Buying Private Label Brands – Empirical Findings

Gianfranco Walsh (University of Koblenz-Landau)

The Challenges of Category Management

Paris Galanis (Nielsen Company)

Shopper Behavior During Economic Downturn

Jyrki Karlsson (Unilever)

Store as a Medium to Reach the Shopper

Dariusz Chlus (Procter & Gamble)


BLOCK 3: Efficiency, Supply Chain, Innovation

  Responsive Supply Chain- Competitive Advantage for all the Links of the Chain   

Nerius Jasinavicius (TOC Solutions Lithuania)

Bar Code Quality Assessment at Point of Sales

Gatis Pakalnieks (Supernetto) & Edgars Pentjušs (GS1 Latvija)

Measuring for supply-chain optimization

Elīna Spūle (Agile & Co) & Andis Kļaviņš (Premia FFL)

Decreasing Warehouse Costs

Leo Mikkonen (Optiscan)

Steps Towards the Future FMCG Supply Chain

Claus-Jürgen Garbisch (DHL)

New Ways to Reach Consumers: Mobile Commerce Extended Packaging

Joe Horwood (GS1 Global Office)


BLOCK 4: Competitive Advantage for the Future

Business Leadership in a Dynamic, Competitive Environment

Aldis Greitāns (Itella Information)

Green Needs Business: Development through Challenges

Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere (Madara Ecocosmetics)

Philosophy of Tomorrow: Mindset Changing towards Green

Christoph Thünemann (Havi Logistics)