Intermediate / Certified Professional Category Manager Program


A comprehensive course grouping to achieve CMA Certified Professional Category Manager designation requirements. This program meets 15 of 15 Learning Programs required by the Category Management Association's (CMA) CPCM designation. The Category Management Association's evaluation process does require you to have met the CPCA requirements in addition to the specific CPCM requirements, so if you have any questions about whether this is the right program for YOU, please contact CMKG prior to purchasing this program.

Who should take this course? For those looking to achieve the Certified Professional Category Manager (CPCM) designation through the Category Management Association (CMA).

The "standard" program is suggested for suppliers, brokers, consultants and data providers, while the "retailer" program is suggested for retailers.

Prerequisites: None

Time Required: Approximately 50 hours to complete.

Courses Included:

    Retailer Strategy
    Category Definition & Segmentation
    Category Roles
    Category Strategies
    Completing a Category Assessment
    Category Management on Limited Data
    Develop and Implement a Category Plan
    Building PowerPoint and Presentation Skills
    Building Excel Skills
    Building Data Competencies: Panel Data
    Building Data Competencies: POS Data
    Measuring Category Health (Baseline & Incremental Drivers)
    Efficient Assortment: A Step-by-Step Process
    Pricing Strategies and Analysis Techniques
    Promotion Analysis Techniques
    Advanced Analytics: Relativity
    Fact Based Selling  (Retailer version:  "Fact Based Presentations")
    Space Management Fundamentals
    Store Clustering Through Store Level and Geodemographic Data
    Retailer Economics and  the Product Supply Chain

Cost: $1,980.00 USD (cost does not include the cost of accreditation with the CMA)

Cost Includes:   Downloadable Fill-in-the-Blank Notes, Downloadable Workshops, Individual Course Testing, email Support; 6 months access.

 * There is an optional Case Study to enhance the learning experience, that can be purchased for an additional $400 USD. The Intermediate (CPCM) Case Study: Moving to Insights and Action! We recommend completing your case study as you complete each online training course, that will allow you to refer to this case study and determine what work you are required to complete, based on your learnings in the course. You will complete exercises and answer questions, and then apply these learnings to build a total “Category Plan”.

* * *

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