Call for presentations on lean and green topics at FMCG cooperation conference Tallinn 27.10.2017


ECR Baltic is supporting 3rd Estonian Cooperation Conference with Estonian Food Federation and Estonian Traders Association which will be held on 27th of October during 25th anniversary Tallinn Food Fair.

In this regards there is an opportunity to showcase projects on the following topics:

- Lean and green (CO2 emission reduction) in supply chain (transport and logistics)

- Retail/Shelf Ready Packaging best practices

- Food and packaging waste prevention and reduction

In case you are working on one of the above topics, please do not hesitate to contact us and let others know about it (major Estonian retailers, suppliers, solution providers and State authorities) and encourage others to follow the best Industry initiatives!


Thank you,

Edgars Pentjuss

ECR Baltic,… A Flagship for Collaboration M +37126546645


Skype: ecr.baltic

ANNOUNEMENT - ECR Community - Online Category Management Webinar Series


ECR Community are delighted to introduce a series of three webinars on The Future of Online Category Management. This is an ideal opportunity for ECR Community members to get the very latest thinking from world leaders in the field.   

Theses webinars are for all members of all ECR Nationals and are free of charge.  

The first event with leading academic Daniel Corsten from IE Business School and Danny Silverman from Clavis Insights in Boston, will take us through not only the latest academic research on the topic but also practical examples using case studies from global leading companies.

Taking place on Tuesday 5th September at 15.00 (BST), it is necessary to register for this event as spaces are limited, please register here!

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New EUR and EPAL pallets assessment cards at ECR Poland


ATTN.: SC managers!

Please be advised that the new EUR and EPAL assessment cards to be introduced by ECR Poland. The cards are broadly used practical tools to recognize proper and exchangeable EUR and EPAL pallet.

The drafts, now consisting only form proper characteristics of EUR and EPAL pallets (green cards) and unacceptable flaws (RED card), here:




Please do not hesitate to contact ECR Baltic if you have any considerations regarding the pallets assessment cards in Poland and if you are interested to aligning and upgrading pallet assessment cards for Baltic market?

More about ECR Baltic pallets management working group, here:

19.04.2017 at 17:15 ECR Baltic General Meeting, Bolero hall 5th fl. Vilnius Grand Resort Hotel, Conference Centre, Ežeraičiai Viillage, Vilnius District


19.04.2017 17:15 - 18:45 ECR Baltic members repeated general
meeting. For more information, please call/sms +37126546645


- New Members intro (10'): (price,
shelf-share, extra display EAN-based monitoring service) and (free online (cloud) EAN-based database of all
grocery products) by Vytautas Zuzevičius
- Annual report 2016
- ECR Community in Europe new strategy and activation projects
what it is for ECR Baltic?
- ECR Baltic future development – discussion led by ECR Baltic





19.04.2017 Invitation to Lithuanian Retail Forum and repeated ECR Baltic general meeting


Dear ECR Baltic members,

Please be invited to register for the ECR Baltic repeated general meeting 19.04.2017 and Lithuanian Retail Forum (Vilnius Grand Resort Hotel, Conference Centre, Ežeraičiai Viillage, Vilnius District).

09:00 - 17:00 Lithuanian Retail Forum 2017 | Agenda (ECR Baltic members who are participating at repeated general meeting are entitled to one free pass / others EUR 259). Please check agenda, here: (English)

17:15 - 18:45 ECR Baltic members repeated general meeting
Annual report 2016
-  ECR Community in Europe new strategy and activation projects what it is for ECR Baltic?
ECR Baltic future development – discussion led by ECR Baltic council.

For more information, please contact Edgars Pentjuss ( or call +37126546645).

ECR Baltic members, please register and claim your free pass, here!