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Foreword about Master Data Management and Data Synchronization

According to the ECR Baltic Board initiative and following the emerging use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and Category Management, we have found that there is a distinct need for reliable, categorized and up-to-date product and parties’ master data. Quality master data itself and data synchronization is the cornerstone for every application including efficient replenishment, category management, planning and forecasting.

Globally master data issues are solved by using National Data Pools which are interoperable through GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Some of you already got use to it either with your parent Companies maintaining master data with 1WORLDSYNC (Recently announced pilot with RIMI in Baltics), GXS and NEW: An Estonian certified data pool is now available on the market – EDISOFT Master Data. There are Countries like Sweden and Croatia which has developed their own in house data pool solutions.

What is a Data Pool?  “A “Data Pool” is a repository of data where trading partners can obtain, maintain and exchange information on items and parties in a standard format through electronic means”.

A “GDSN Data Pool” is a data pool certified by GDSN Inc. and hence able to interoperate within the Global Data Synchronisation Network.

More information: , the list of GDSN certified Data Pools you can download, here:

Data pools can provide also add-on services like catalogue and bilateral prices, media files (images, video), support data import/export in different formats (i.e. EANCOM/XML, Web forms, SAP or simple Excel files).

Why data quality?

To better describe the master data problem, the causal UK Retailer (GXS - UDEX study) audit showed that before switching to data quality program:

57% of Case Weights and Measures were incorrect
35% of Ti Hi (tier x height) Pallet Configurations were incorrect
26% of Cube Sizes were incorrect
7% of Outer Barcodes were incorrect
2% of Inner Barcodes were incorrect

After implementing the results were:

Out of Stocks reduced from 5% to 4%
Master file accuracy for case weights and measures increased from 43% to 70%
No-scans reduced by 75% – a saving of £1.5M each year
30% Improvement in Invoicing First Time Pass rates.
Order Fulfilment Improved by 2-3%

NEW, Join: Master Data Managment (MDM) and Data Synchronization working group at ECR Baltic, here:

Key competences of MDM & Data Sync working group at ECR Baltic: alignment of Baltic Retail product cards and master data quality issues and compliance to standards (GS1). Global Data Synchronization (connection to GDSN) and data pool introduction/promotion in Baltics.

Learn more about working group, here!