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Elected ECR Baltic Board for 2013-2015


Elected new ECR Baltic Board (Council) by General Meeting of ECR Baltic members on 27.06.2013 , Riga:

ECR Baltic Board (Council) members 2013-2015

Jorma Rautanen, Prisma

Aiga Priede, RIMI Baltic

Jevģēnijs Semjaņņikovs, Sanitex, BLS

Janno Veskimäe, Tere AS

Rafal Trydenski, Unilever-Ingman

Paulis Dalbergs, Royal Unibrew

Saulius Bitinas, Coca - Cola HBC Lietuva

Edīte Strazdiņa, Latvian Agricultural Cooperatives Association

Indre Lasioniene, GS1 Lithuania


ECR info part presentation from the general meeting, please download, here: 20130627.pdf

NEW ECR Baltic member: Latvian Agricultural Cooperatives Association


Latvian Agricultural Cooperatives Association“Latvian Agricultural Cooperatives Association” (LACA) is a non-governmental organisation whose members are Latvia’s Agricultural Cooperatives (producers of agricultural products). LACA was established in 2002 with the overall aim to promote the development of agricultural cooperation in Latvia. Currently LACA unites 55 members from all over Latvia.

The objectives of LACA are:

  •  to create an environment enabling development of agricultural cooperation in Latvia;
  • to raise awareness of the need, possibilities and benefits of agricultural cooperation;
  • to promote sustainable development of farms and farmers and successful integration of Latvian agricultural sector in EU common market.

To achieve its objectives LACA:

  • represents member interests at the European Union, State and Local government institutions and actively participates in improvement of legislation;
  • provides training and advice to its members and organizes exchange of experience in Latvia and abroa;
  • cooperates with other NGOs in agricultural sector;
  • promotes the idea of cooperation in Latvia and informs society about cooperation development and opportunities for future.

LACA is a member of:

  • the Consultative Council of Agricultural NGOs run by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia;
  • inter-governmental working groups run by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia;
  • the Consultative Council of the Digital Farm Register project.

Since 2002 LACA is a member of the COPA-COGECA. COPA (European agricultural union) is the European representative organization of the farmers with an aim to represent the interests of its members in the European Community and international organisations.  COGECA (General Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives in the European Union) is the European umbrella organization of the agricultural cooperatives of the European Community representing their interests in the Community and the international organisations. In 1962 COPA and COGECA merged and established joint Secretariat.

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How to become ECR Baltic member?

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Repeated ECR Baltic General Meeting on 27th of June, Start at 14:30 in ECR Baltic Office, Riga, Brivibas 149


Available presentations from ECR Baltic General Meeting on 10th of June in Riga.

ECR_IN_GENERAL.pdf | OSA_Nielsen.pdf | EdisoftMasterDataGDSNCertification.pdf | Rimi_DataPool_ECRBaltic_Riga_10062013.pdf

ECR Poland Forum and ECR Baltic General Meeting on Facebook

IMPORTANT to ECR Baltic members:
ECR Baltic is calling repeated General Meeting within next 3 weeks in Riga with the main agenda topic election of the Board (Council) for the next 2 years.

The quorum for repeated General Meeting on 27th of June at 14:30, Brivibas 149, Riga is reached if minimum 2 companies presented!

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Please nominate candidate to the ECR Baltic Board from your company by e-mail: | +37126546645

Register by sending an email to before 25th of June!


14:30 Welcome
14:45 ECR Baltic working streams 2013-2014 by Edgars Pentjuss, ECR Baltic
15:15 ECR Baltic Board Elections by All
16:00 Closure

The roles and structure of the Board (Council) are described in ECR Baltic statutes at point "9. Council" and ECR Baltic rules and regulations:  The operations of ECR Baltic are governed by the Board of ECR Baltic, consisting of 9 persons, equally representing 3 Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). 6 places are reserved for manufacturers and retailers and 3 to National Industry associations on parity basis elected by the General Meeting for two-year term.